Alone with the sea

The tangy ozone cleanses me. It infiltrates my body, flowing, rushing deep into my lungs. It flushes out all impurities; my body and mind are refreshed, clean and free.

The wind whips my hair out of shape, its sharp tendrils slapping at my face, sloughing away the dirt. However, it does not feel hostile; I welcome it and it caresses me, peels away my dead skin and takes me to another place. Waves break, slipping and sliding over sand to nibble at my feet. They leap in joy for me, crashing, spraying foam and rolling over one another in excitement. The sand grabs at my toes as I run, releasing them with a wet squelch. I dive into the water and its cold penetrates me like an icy spear, knocking the wind from my chest. Bubbles float towards the sky. The surface divides two worlds, this quiet contrasting with the roar from above. The salty water floods my senses and drains my head of thought, sluicing into my veins and coursing through my being. The waters subside, whispering to themselves in low murmurs of satisfaction. Here, where it all began, it’s just the sea and I.





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