Thailand – Hill Tribes

The air is clouded with dust, the sky tinged with red. It fills the mouth, the nose and lungs with its chalky, raw consistency. Bare feet pad softly yet with purpose along the worn roads, displacing the ochre earth with each step. The jagged pebbles stab no more into their hardened flesh. The sloshing warble of an unseen river gives the place a serenity ill befitting of its appearance. Youths lift their voices over small shanties and cleverly crafted houses, their crude yet light hearted banter a reminder of how many this outcropping supports. The place has an exotic appeal, which goes further than the culture and minimalist lifestyle of its occupants and visitors. It is the land itself that draws people here now, as it did so many years ago. Here, it holds the people, as a mother would cradle her babe; they are safe and nurtured, but completely relinquished unto her control. I am a long way from home.


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