Cape Breton Sunrise

A small excerpt from a piece of mine inspired by Alistair MacLeod’s ‘Island’, specifically the beginning of “The Lost Salt Gift of Blood”

The bay stares back at me with its giant and slow eye, soft and seductive with its slow curves and shimmering skin. It pulses gently with the hearty life force of its people, yawning as the sun’s first fingers creep along the watery horizon, flashing its lustful gold over the browns and grays of the earth. The eye blinks in the light, and I see the Earth turn its wide face towards the warm splotch rising from its edge, its wondrous seeds and rocky protrusions shivering in anticipation; eager for another infusion of potent and spurting blood from their waking heart. The sunrays stroke the far-off hills and lick playfully at the rippling surface of the water, spilling their glorious colours over the land and touching at the warm flesh of wine-dappled horses, thawing the icy skin of night. The blot swells, and bursts like golden yolk over the bay all at once, a flood of light, and the trumpets and whistles of the bird-heralds sound all around me: morning is here.


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