New Faith

We are numb
As cattle are;
Here in our assigned bays
Glazed eyes dare not stray
From glowing screens,
The safe and flickering stars
Of our minute universes.
Think for us
Entrance us, trap us
Like moths, let us flock
And alight on your luminous tablets,
The new commandments
Spewed forth in a blaze of glorious colour
From the bitten apple’s core.
To what strange steeple shall we bow
As lambs to wolves?
We were raised as followers
Of the old tradition,
The dying faith,
The old faith that coughs and weezes,
Its hoarse and grey voice
Falling on the ears of the stagnant,
Those who no longer want to believe
In what they cannot hold.
Teach us to sit still,
Teach us to care and not to care.
The church has changed,
So that now we can worship anywhere
And indefinitely.
There is no need for pews,
Just somewhere to sit, even stand;
We just want to observe our vows
Of silence, mouth and mind,
To deal once more with the serpent
(He is so clever! How does he do that?)
And his ecclesiastical devices. 

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