Velvet Decay

The result of a Sunday afternoon walk down to Lake Orr. Still quite stuck in the embryonic stage and more of a wandering of the mind than a poem, but hopefully containing some potential.

Velvet Decay
Oh God,
How time eternally frustrates
And distresses my cortex.
How many have fallen
Under the slow and torturous axe?
Bright pendulum,
how it teases me
With sea breezes and this velvet decay.
Oh how it rushes me!
With what shall I preoccupy
These dying days?
Have you ever met a creature
That wasn’t dying?
What a pleasant deterioration is life
And all its cruelties.
On what shall I spend
This insufficient time?
There is never enough.
Even in ten lifetimes I would not have enough,
Not experience enough,
Nor love all those that I would hope to.
What brilliant limbo,
This vibrant and mortal suspension.
What cryogenic cruelty is this?
Born to die, 
Frustratingly bred to prolong
Our sweet curse,
To gulp down each saltwater mouthful
And to crawl forwards on hands and knees
After the exotic and grinning,
The felled and rotting fruits that so sustain us.
What celestial being laughs down at us?
Who is there that smiles
Upon this temporal and tepid earth,
Fit only for eventual decay?
And is the observation
In cruelty, intrigue or jealousy? 
It is a sweet collapse into nothing,
Infuriating and liberal with its beauty,
For what is sweet that we will not lose?
An expiry date is a terrible freedom. 
Looming and mysterious death,
Ultimate motivation,
Are you keeping us from godliness
Or insanity?

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