Love Drug: A User’s Guide

Love will tear apart and lick the wounds
Once you have forgotten
The ice cold, lead-stomach assailant
And know only the honeyed tongue,
The crocodile tears and toothy grins,
The intense shrinking of your entire world
Into her smile
And your sudden, wonderful incarceration.

Your imprisonments will be liberating
And torturous
In their ceasings and soul-crushing implosions;
May you navigate them easily and without care.
It is sweet, for something so often synthetic,
Manufactured and hardwired;
I would warn you against this type,
However it may often be the safer
And more satisfying of the two. Besides,
I am not sure it is so easy to distinguish
From some other ethereal concept,
Somehow devoid of modern contaminants
Or age-old tricks of physiology.

You will learn more about love
Upon losing it
Than you ever could upon the finding;
In your hormonal stupor,
Sipping pheromones like chemical weapons,
Waist-deep in the murky trenches
Of biological warfare,
You will not think of the hangover,
And I would not advise you do;
Enjoy your binge,
Self-destruction is among life’s greatest pleasures,
Of this I can assure you.

Take it deep into your lungs,
Love is strong stuff,
And nobody reads warning labels,
Not once they get a taste.


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