The Creator Reflects

Feed, feed, bite and gnaw,
Arch and turn on each other,
Small creatures, writhing
Pallid things. Bury your dead
And forget them,
Forget your mistakes
And remember only your hunger.
Loathe and despise it
When the feast is in full swing,
But tear blindly and howl
At each other
As you set the sacrificial altar
With utensils of war and false humanity.

Cruel, cruel, unnatural
Cannabalistic factions they have formed.
They unfurled themselves so quickly,
Crafted the first embodiments of their souls,
Sharpened flint and heavy club.
They are scientists, in the image of their creator.

This is the most fascinating and horrible of my experiments;
These two characteristics
Overlap too often for my liking.

It will have to be terminated; I have seen their power
In great clouds and thunder-claps.
They have moved beyond what I set out for them,
And are ever hungry.
Perhaps I should have intervened,
But I am curious, and they are endearing
For I see in them a reflection of myself,
However unflattering and painful
The image.

I wonder if this has all been a mistake;
To err is only human.


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